The San Diego Studio of Arts and Letters is an education and arts-focused venture dedicated to helping us all learn more all the time: (1) more about the world (and expanded environs); (2) more about each other; (3) and more ways to express ourselves (we generally call such self-expression "the Arts").

We value creativity, and we know that creativity can't happen unless we have ideas in our heads to push together, pull apart, and recombine in interesting ways. Ideas come from all sorts of places, including math, science, and history, among others. Ideas also come from skills we develop over time with practice, like how to read, play an instrument, embroider a design, or perform on a stage.

We're here to help you learn concepts and skills, to provide a space where you can play with those concepts and skills to generate ideas, and to help you turn your ideas into your own creations.

Live Online

On-Demand Video Series


We're inching closer to done on some of these!

Play-Along Volumes (more info here; pre-orders open soon but are not yet open).

English Reading:  
Sight Word Recognition videos (more info coming soon)
Sight Word Context videos (more info coming soon)

English Reading / Trivia Game
Animal Word Scramble videos 1-10 (more info coming soon)

Self-Study Online Courses


We are busy behind the scenes making all kinds of classes for you to take.  We're very excited for you to see them ... when they're done.

Here's what's currently closest to being finished: 

(1) Courses for ages 10+ where we learn everything we can (reading practice, storytelling, vocabulary, history, arts and crafts, etc.) from E. Nesbit's Fairy Tales -- one course for each fairy tale;
(2) A similar treatment for Beatrix Potter's animal stories (ages 8+), starting with the bunnies, of course!
(3) Writing practice videos and worksheets for pre-writers -- the intended audience for these is young children, but older children and adults who learned to write using an entirely different writing system (for example, logographic or script-based systems) and want to learn to write the Latin alphabet letters we use in English and other Western languages might find some of them helpful.

Further back in the development pipeline, we are planning:

(1) English spelling and vocabulary packs organized by phoneme
(2) Basic music theory and history
(3) Professional English reading, vocabulary, and public speaking classes

We will offer pre-orders as courses get closer to completion.  If there's a particular course that interests you, let us know!  Your interest may help us decide which courses to prioritize.

Below:  links to descriptions for some of the courses we're working on.

Live In-Person

We do offer some small, in-person classes now. If you'd like to meet in-person, let's talk!

In the works for the future -- think choir, think theatre, think arts and crafts ....  We are here for it and can't wait for you to be here, too!

Check out our YouTube Channel!

Read What People Are Saying About Us!

After 3 lessons I am making good progress on expanding my range, in spite of being older. Amy is very good at explaining what I need to do to get the higher notes. -- Dawn (2022)

My 6yo daughter got her very first singing class and she can't stop talking about how awesome was her teacher Amy!  -- Jezzi (2022)

Amy was super nice for our first lesson and really understood what I was needing help with. Looking forward to more lessons:) - Kaitie (2021)

Our 5 year-old has improved a great deal while taking lessons with Amy. She has made it fun and has personalized her lessons to his interest and developmental stage. He now has a better posture while playing and has started to read music. - Margarita (2018)

My 10 year old granddaughter had a wonderful first lesson with Amy Long! Miss Amy is talented and creative. Her enthusiasm is contagious! By using a variety of techniques including placing notes between bar lines on the floor, to naming all the notes on the keyboard, and figuring out basic melodies, we came away excited and looking forward to next week's lesson! - Carol (2017)