Terms of Service

The San Diego School of Arts and Letters provides and maintains this website, courses posted on the site, and related sites for you (a student, customer, vendor, or other interested party browsing the internet) as long as you agree to follow the terms and conditions described on this page.  Your use of this site indicates your agreement to follow these terms and conditions.

If you don't agree, no hard feelings -- but don't use the site.  If you read the below terms and conditions and do agree to follow them, welcome!  If you have any questions, you can reach us at amyl@sdstudioonline.com.

1.  Using the Site

      A.  Accounts

If you are just browsing the site, you do not need an account. But if you would like to enroll in a course, you will need an account. This site uses the Thinkific platform. For more information about Thinkific's role, check out our data privacy policy.

Keep your account password and other information safe!

      B.  Age Policy

The San Diego Studio of Arts and Letters is an all-ages venue -- wherever you may find us in the real world and on this website.  We expect that we and our students, other customers, vendors, and all others in our physical or web-space will behave in a manner appropriate for an all-ages venue.

We mark all online on-demand courses with a suggested lower age limit.  For example, we suggest our course discussing E. Nesbit's Cinderella is appropriate for ages 10+.  The suggested age is there to help you gauge subject-matter and the materials' difficulty.  But you won't see anyone else in these courses, so beyond being a difficulty marker, the suggested age doesn't matter too much.  If you are 8, read above your grade level, and want to enroll in the Cinderella online on-demand course -- and your parent(s) or legal guardian agree that you can -- that's fine with us.  If you are 40 and you want to enroll in the course, that's ok, too!  

We mark group classes (online and in-person) with an age range, though -- this helps you gauge the material's subject-matter and difficulty but is also meant to keep similar ages together. If you would like to take a group class and we do not offer one for your age, please contact us. We'd be happy to try to set something up for you. Do not enroll in a group class that's not for your age unless we have given you special permission.

From time to time, we may also offer group classes marked "Family Style" -- they are meant for adults and children in families to take together. If you enroll in a "Family Style" group class, you are on notice and agree the class may include students of all ages.

If you are using this site, you agree that you are either (1) at or above the age of majority in your jurisdiction or, (2) if you are a minor, that you are only using the site to access courses your parent or guardian has authorized you to use. We keep records of these authorizations when students (or parents/guardians) buy courses.

      C. Payment and Refund Policies

We are based in the United States (San Diego's in the name!), so all prices quoted are in US dollars.

Generally, we require full payment for courses and lessons before we enable your access to them. However, we may be able to accept payment plans in some instances. Let us know if you would like to discuss payment plans. If we do agree to a payment plan, that plan may come with additional terms (number of payments, when payments are due, what happens if a payment isn't made, etc.).

Unless otherwise specified in advance, we have a "no refund" policy.
      - Failure to use courses after we've granted access and absence from scheduled lessons are not grounds for refunds.
      - Group classes generally will not be rescheduled. Private lesson instructors may, at their discretion, reschedule live in-person and online classes. However, instructors are not required to reschedule lessons. If you have missed a lesson or a class and it is not rescheduled, you are not entitled to a refund.

      D.  Course Content

All course content you receive, whether in-person or online, is for your personal, non-commercial use.  You will retain access to it under the additional, course-specific terms in effect when you enroll in the course.  

The San Diego Studio of Arts and Letters provides courses for enrichment and personal development. We are not an accredited. To our knowledge, you cannot get school credit for any courses you complete here (if you have different information, please let us know!).

If you enroll in a course you enjoy, we would appreciate your review! If you do not enjoy a course ... well, we probably won't love the review, but we have accepted that critical feedback can also be good for the soul -- and for product development. But we hope you'll love it! If you do review a course, you agree we may use your review in our advertising.

2.  Hyperlinks

You may find hyperlinks to other sites in materials posted on this and related sites. We provide these hyperlinks solely for your convenience. We are not in charge of or responsible for what is on the other side of the hyperlink. Click on hyperlinks at your own risk!

If you notice any hyperlinks that are broken or that lead somewhere you think we wouldn't have wanted to suggest you go, please let us know.

3.  Intellectual Property

The San Diego Studio of Arts and Letters and its associated hexagon logo are marks (service and/or trade) of The San Diego Studio of Arts and Letters. You may not use them.

Unless otherwise indicated, text, images, and video ("media") -- and materials created from them -- on and accessible from this site are property of The San Diego Studio of Arts and Letters. You are not allowed to copy them unless you obtain a license. Contact us at amyl@sdstudioonline.com to discuss licensing.

Some media and other materials on and accessible from this site are available under a Creative Commons or similar license allowing certain uses under certain conditions. These materials are indicated with the license and version number. If you do not see an indication of a CC or similar license in connection with media or other materials, you probably do not have permission to use it.

Sometimes The San Diego Studio of Arts and Letters uses media it does not own. To the best of our knowledge, all such media are in the public domain or we are using it pursuant to a license from the rights holder. These licenses do not transfer to you.

In short, if you use media and other materials you obtain from this site without permission, you may violate copyright and other intellectual property laws.

4.  No Warranty

The San Diego Studio of Arts and Letters provides this site and materials accessible from it "as is" without any warranties of any kind.  While we do our best to provide useful materials, we do not warrant or guarantee the accuracy and completeness of materials on this site.  We may change any part of this site, including prices listed and goods and services offered, without notice.  

5.  Liability Limitation

Should something happen to the equipment you use to access this site, or should this site become inaccessible for a time, The San Diego Studio of Arts and Letters is not responsible for any losses you may sustain.

6.  Applicable Law

The San Diego Studio of Arts and Letters is based in San Diego, California.  These terms are thus governed by California law, and venue for any court dispute of these terms is San Diego County in California.

7.  Effective Date

The terms and conditions on this page (numbered paragraphs 1 through 8) are effective as of November 14, 2020.  

The San Diego Studio of Arts and Letters may change the terms and conditions on this page at any time without notice. The version governing your use of the site is the effective version at the time of your use (even if a previous version governed your previous use of the site).

8.  Additional Terms

Should you decide to purchase a good or service from us, additional terms may apply. For example, if you buy an online live lesson pack we will send you a lesson schedule and other related terms for you to agree to before you buy.