Private Music Lessons

If you're looking for beginning through intermediate piano, voice, and violin lessons, you have come to the right place!  We have experience with beginners from age 3 all the way to ... shall we say post-retirement?  Students who have some experience are also welcome.  

When you learn music with us, be prepared to work some music theory, music history, and ear training into your technique practice. Reading sheet music is important -- but the ability to make music on your own is also important. We work on all skills so that you will develop into a complete musician able to play by yourself for your own enjoyment, for others, and collaboratively with others.

A live online private music lesson is just like an in-person lesson -- except you and your teacher see each other through videoconferencing software.  You don't need fancy equipment; the camera in a tablet, phone, or laptop should be fine.  Your teacher will help you position your camera so that your teacher can see you well enough to check your technique.  While duets are not really possible over the internet yet (maybe one day!), most other activities you would do in-person can be done in an online lesson.  Some students even find they prefer online lessons.

Lesson Pack Options and Prices

Multiple-lesson discounts are included in lesson pack prices.
Payment plans may be available.

How To Buy?

To buy a lesson or lesson pack, email We'll discuss on email what you would like to work on in your lessons, available lesson times, and will set up a reserved lesson schedule for you with a link to purchase. You then have 24 hours to buy -- if you buy within that 24 hours, you get to keep your reserved lesson schedule for all of your paid lessons.

Sometimes we can't accept new students because our schedule is full. If that happens, we will let you know when you email, and you can choose to be on our waiting list to be notified of future openings.

And sometimes students may want a small group online lesson. If you are one of these students, contact us to discuss pricing and availability.

Any questions?  Please ask.