Private English Lessons

Are you looking for a tutor to supplement your English class at school?  Would you like an English class with a curriculum made just for you?  

In an Online Live Private English Lesson, we use videoconferencing software to work with the student one-on-one.  We can help students improve with any and all of the four language skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) at all levels from beginning reader through professional.  For example, you may be an 8-year-old who wants to read fluently on grade-level; you may be a 10-year-old who wants to write stories; you may be a college student who needs to practice college-level writing concepts; or you may be a professional who wants to give better presentations.  

Let us know your goals and we will help you achieve them.

ESL students are also welcome!

Lesson Pack Options and Prices

Multiple-lesson discounts are included in lesson pack prices.

How To Buy?

To buy a lesson or lesson pack, email We'll discuss on email what you would like to work on in your lessons, available lesson times, and will set up a reserved lesson schedule for you with a link to purchase. You then have 24 hours to buy -- if you buy within that 24 hours, you get to keep your reserved lesson schedule for all of your paid lessons.

Sometimes we can't accept new students because our schedule is full. If that happens, we will let you know when you email, and you can choose to be on our waiting list to be notified of future openings.

And sometimes students may want a small group online lesson. If you are one of these students, contact us to discuss pricing and availability.

Any questions?  Please ask.